NYC Restaurateur Propels Farm-to-Table Movement Forward In Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens

Ellary’s Greens Expands with Partnerships in Brookfield Place, Jackson Heights, and Park Slope.

Leith Hill, CEO of Wisdom Foods, LLC and owner of the West Village restaurant Ellary’s Greens—a farm-to-table, organic, locally sourced eatery—today announced a new partnership with Equinox, the upscale fitness and high-performance lifestyle leader, as well as independent espresso bar, Espresso 77 in two new boroughs.

Beginning this February, Ellary’s Greens will source, prepare, and provide a specialty menu for the Equinox at Brookfield Place – a Manhattan nexus where roughly 50,000 people interact in business and as tourists, residents, or commuters, every day.

“The food in New York is changing,” said Hill. “And New Yorkers want more out of their food options—whether they are sitting down for a meal, or on-the-go, it is crucial to give your body the proper fuel it requires. With our new partnership with Equinox at Brookfield place and new availability in Brooklyn and Queens, we are proud to serve options that not only taste amazing, but are also trustworthy—sourced from local, organic, and natural ingredients.”

“We wanted a name that New Yorkers know and trust,” said Daniel Popielinski, Equinox’s Director of Food and Beverage. “Ellary’s Greens was a natural choice in our selection process for curated, quality, diet-agnostic, and nutrient-rich options as we begin this natural, next phase in the Equinox evolution. Leith’s philosophy, as it lives through Ellary’s Greens is congruent with our own goals, and is a cornerstone to the success of this new endeavor.”

Options will include breakfast, snacks, salads, main proteins, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts—with organic and carefully sourced ingredients that open the market to vegetarians, carnivores, gluten-free patrons, and those with no specific dietary restrictions alike.

Ellary’s Greens also began a partnership with Espresso 77, by supplying original baked goods, made from organic—and whole—ingredients. Ellary’s Greens creates options for both of Espresso 77’s current locations in Jackson Heights, Queens, and Park Slope, Brooklyn, serving the highest quality of coffee and pastries, as well as supporting local communities through food, art, and music.

“We are thrilled to work with Leith Hill—a partner who truly shares our commitment to tasty treats that have a positive impact on our guests—and whose whole line is sourced, prepared and delivered with artisanal care and quality. The variety of excellent products that Ellary’s Greens offers gives all of our guests, whether they are vegan, gluten-free or without dietary restrictions, options that we had not been able to provide before; everyone thinks the Ellary’s Greens items are delicious,” mentioned Espresso 77 owners, Afzal Hossain and Julie Nymann.

In addition to these partnerships, Ellary’s Greens plans other expansions as part of the Wisdom Foods, LLC, mission-at-large.

Ellary’s Greens is a farm-to-table, organic, locally sourced eatery located in the West Village that is owned and founded by Leith Hill, CEO of Wisdom Foods, LLC, whose mission is to connect guests to the food they eat. Ellary’s Greens serves an array of healthy, gourmet options of natural and organic foods for all guests regardless of dietary restriction and is dedicated to providing nourishment you can trust and quality farm-sourced ingredients to help guests live more vibrantly.

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