A Letter From Leith

To Our Dear Guests,

It is with great sadness but also with immense pride that I write this letter to let you know that Ellary’s Greens closed permanently.

For the past five years, it has been an absolute joy to be a part of your lives, and, in that time, we have achieved a lot together. We have seen you get married, have babies (LOTS!), celebrate milestone birthdays, receive awards, win competitions, launch careers, get published, get your own TV shows, run
marathons, compete in the Olympics, and, in the case of our beloved clients, the Pittsburgh Penguins, win back-to- back Stanley Cup Championships! We will forever cherish the memories of what we shared here in the West Village – your lives, your laughter, your loves, your joys, along with your sorrows and

In 2013, I opened Ellary’s Greens to offer connection through food, and I promised to only serve you food I’d share with my own family – and I’m so happy we accomplished that. We were honored to be a part of the community and to get to know you as neighbors and friends. What a privilege it was to create a place where everyone felt comfortable and happy to eat with a common purpose of delicious nourishment.

We thank you for the love and the opportunity to connect with you and your family through the universal language of food. It was a dream filled with joy and delight to have you into our home for everything from House-Cured Bacon and Roasted Chicken to Brussels Sprouts, Bliss Bars, and Chocolate Mousse…. oooh that Chocolate Mousse!

It was with great sadness, yet very full hearts, that Ellary’s Greens closed. Unfortunately, the situation in which we arrived in the West Village changed, and we were no longer able to stay. If you would like to reach us to share a memory for our scrapbook, we can be reached at info@ellarysgreens.com. And
please don’t be too sad- you helped me and EG’s wonderful, dedicated team realize a very special dream!

Finally, Ellary’s Greens will continue to live on. Please stay in touch and follow us on social media as we move in exciting, new directions.

With smiles and tears,

Leith and Team EG

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